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a girl from freedom high school is in the hospital after tacked by another student. the girl had to be air lifted from campus. the principal told abc 7 news it stemmed from an incident yesterday when a victim and class mate bumped into one another. the class mate posted it bit and confronted the other girl today, punching her. the girl fell and hit her head. >> the nationwide debate over gun control intensified today, legislation to ban 158 military style weapon skmz large magazines feeding mer than 10 bullets was introduced on capitol hill. the proposal comes 42 days after the massacre at sandy hook elementary school. dianne feinstein was a key proponent of the bill. >> columbine, virginia tech arks roara, tucson. oak creek. the common thread in these shootings is that each gunman used a semi automatic assault
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weapon. or, large capacity ammunition magazines. >> that is -- national rifle association says responsible gun owners would be punishedly bit ban. nra said they were confident congress would reject the bile bay area members of the group one million moms for gun control stood beside senator feinstein during today's announcement. this group comp plized of mother who's support the ban. >> it's wet in parts of the bay area tonight. spencer christian is in and tracking it for us on live doppler 7 hd. >> yes. some locations receiving no rain at all, others receiving a soaking. south bay has been the wettest region in the bay area. we still have mainly light rainfalling around san jose.
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there have beens7lp pockets of heavier rainfall. quite a drenching there. here is a look at rainfall totals. livermore received a quarter inch. san jose, a third of an inch. look at the many locations that are received no measurable rain. just a trace. rain, though it's not hitting all locations, it's5a not winding down yet. >> thank you very much. new at 6:00 a falling tree is seriously injuring a woman. crews cleaned up after the zechblt official says a thousand pound tree fell on a worker, causing massive head trauma. >> life getting back to normal on a street shut down 12 hours after a water main burs in the morning. cruise spent date digging into
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reach a pipe that cracked around 2:00 this morning. 14 homes left without water service while the pipe was replaced. >> we have over 900 miles of pipe so. it's various different sizes part of having a water system. it's. >> it's more than 60 years old, crews had to tear the street open to put down a new pipe. >> police released new video of two brazen armed robbery and pharmacies. surveillance video shows two men entered jumped on the counter and then, took prescription drugs. in the second incident the man walked in and quickly pulled out guns. police say they're after oxycodone.
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>> more than 200 bay area based guardsmen and women are deploying to afghanistan and africa this week. there was a search and rescue unit. some are leaving nim now from moffett field. that is where abc 7 news is live for us. >> they couldn't tell us earlier when they would be taking off. turns out it was just minutes ago. troops and equipment with a stop in between, they can't tell us where on that, either, they're now just on their way, taking special expert ease with them. >> this is the air force version of the black talk -- hawk, today loaded on to a plane to make the trip to afghanistan. the international guard 129th rescue wing specializes in rescuing troops and civilians
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in any kind of terrain under any conditions, including under fire. 210 members are heading to afghanistan over the course of the week. they'll spend four to six months supporting u.s. troops for many, it's not the first time. it carry twoz pilots a flilgt engineer and two pararescue men. this pilot major is leaving behind a job as an aerospace engineer and three children under age four. she's flown in combat before, and knows what to expect. >> it's nerve wracking. but you're focused and you care about the injured and people that you're going to help. that a lot of the anxiety sort of fall as way. you and just concentrate on doing a job. that is what all of this here
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are reaped to do when going over. >> they say they have to leave home so others might have a chance. to come back, they've had nine months to prepare for this deployment there. is a lot to take care of when you're going to be that far away that long. >> thank you so much. this announcement today comes in the mid yefl a scandal in the military involving a sexual assault of nearly 60 trainees by trainers. she told me this afternoon that she will introduce a tough new proposal tomorrow to protect trainees. this is because some attackers said sex was consensual. >> when you can establish there is consent, the actual
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punishment sf reduced. >> that trainer will continue to work in that fire this, bill would state that there is no such thing as consent in a sexual encounter between a military training instruct skbror a trainee. >> you can talk more with her about this issue in a town hall meeting on saturday in san francisco. for more information log on and look under see it on tv. >> a beaming governor brown hailed new optimism for california today during his state of the state address. the governor praised legislatures for making tough choices and congratulated voters for passing the tax measure but warned law makers not to get callous. >> it's cruel to expand programs only to cut them back
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when funding disappears this isn't progress. it's an illusion. stop and go, boom and bust. we're not going back there. >> republicans say the speech hit the right note. >> talked about a rainy day fund and fewer bills, smaller government. talked about tuition freeze and reforms, those are ideas we've put out there. will reality of seven years from now match tret trick of today? >> he call forward a special session on health care so california can get affordable care act started by saturday. >> the national transportation safety board has made some discoveries in the batteries of boeing dream liner that's caught fire. the incident happened january 7th in boston. investigators call the damage
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severe adding fire damaged structures. the battery had a short circuit and uncontrolled reaction. investigators aren't sure which came first. al-nippon airways cancelled all dream liner flights this month. >> coming up a big hint from southwest airlines carrier could be bagging those no baggage fee autos and from michael finney an app offering proof of smart fob phone thief autos and kaepernicking. telling abc 7 news what it s the news
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a paroled ex conhas been sentenced for a sexual assault for his flol a shooting death of the occupy oakland encampment. a 25-year-old man died. 32-year-old isaac mcdaniels told police he gave his gun to the man charged with killing the victim. that man a 23-year-old is in custody awaiting trial. >> a veteran los angeles teacher is under arrest today accused of sexual assaulting 20 students and an adult. lapd detectives say he accused -- abused victims between september, 2011 and march, 2012. he was hired as a teacher when l.a. unified school district in 1974. he was removed from post last march when several girls claimed he touched them during class. he is facing 15 felony sexual abuse charges. bail set at $12 million. >> and no one wants
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information about detectives posted on facebook wall but under law there is nothing to prevent that from happening. >> this is happening this, is just remarkable. social media opened up a fronteer right now whit comes to debt collecting that fronteer is largely unregulated. think, wild, wild west both consumer financial protection bureau and ftc are proposing stricter regulations on what they can and cannot do, with social media. some debt collectors used social media to contact debters directly. others have got this, get this, contacted their family and friends in an effort to get to debtors. one trade association says it discourages use of social media in it's profession because rules are so unclear. but one attorney says debt collectors will fight attempts to limit way it can contact anyone. southwest airlines is one of the last big carriers to fly
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for free. now your baggage. now there is a hint, just a hint that, could change. southwest ceo said in an interview there are no plans to charge for bags, but, quote, never say never. kelly said it will determine what customers want, i don't want to pay fees. easy or should all services be bundled? the ceo was vague about but did say bags will fly free on southwest at least during 2013. >> we've told you about apps that can find your smart phone if stolen now, lookout app designed to detect malware on the phone but locates a phone stolen and usa today's ed bags says it will snap a picture of the thief who took it.
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>> front facing camera will snap the picture, capture location and send an e mail to the person whose phone it actually is. >> how cool is that? photo snaps when the thief tries to unlock it. the app designed for an droid but some will be working on iphones. and whoever invented that, i mean, really. how cool. >> that is cool. >> thank you. >> sure. >> okay. how about about those super bowl bound 49ers? time for the daily dose. did you ever wonder that those tattoos on collin kaepernick and what they say? wayne? >> this is 10 years since bay area had a super bowl. 18 years since 49 49ers had a super bowl. for those who haven't lived through this this, is a week where everything becomes magnified that.
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is the case here in santa clara today. if you've wond qlaerd a professional locker room looks like, this is on display for reporters seeking story was out mediocre angles with a week and a half left. until game time. then, collin kaepernick arrived. >> number one, it's kind of anyway of saying i don't care what people think about my tattoo. i got them for me and to show people this is what i believe in. god brougtd me in this far. and i can't do anything for this. >> one element the 49ers do not expect to contend within the super dome.
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if only answering questions about coaching against each other, today, their mother did her best imitation of switzerland. >> i'm going to be neutral. and n.that game. i know one is going to win and lose, but i would like to it nend a tie. can the nfl do that? >> if two brothers felt they were under microscopes last year, just wait. bring on the lip readers. on the record, coach jim has called it a blessing and said little more. >> i just feel like fighters are first. >> it's okay. you know? like any other family. >> back in the locker room, imagine you're lucky enough to know a 49er. >> friends came out of the wood work? >> i guess you can say so. >> for the record players do not get limitless free
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tickets. if you weren't close to one before, forget bit now. >> everything, everything, tickets. hotel rooms, pay for everything. everybody is going see that, though. everybody thinks you can get something free. sometimes you've got to be like, whatever. catch you later. >> let me tell but map gate. earlier today, during practice, coach harbaugh was concerned about them. he was worried the maps might be able to look down on the field. he said some people were out were asked to lower them, we did. honest, coach if you're looking, we won't dream peek. from santa clara, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> that is an interesting idea, wayne. only we thought.
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>> teamworkouts continue until the team leaves sunday night. 49ers practiced in the rain out there today. next week will be in a controlled condition. niners get to work out at the saints indoor training facilities. ravens practicing at tulane university. >> abc 7 news has a team head together super bowl. larry beil and mike shumann will be there. shu will be wearing his ring all week long why, not, huh? also the best coverage during super bowl week. we'll be tweeting it at abc 7 news bay area. >> spencer christian is here now. >> yes. we've had rainfall today. other locations receiving none at all. so it's a mixed bag. >> yes. >> here is a live view from
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our camera. sunsetting about five or six minutes or so. lots of clouds around. sun breaking through a little bit. after long the golden gate there, it's an interesting sky and pretty wet. let's go to live doppler 7 hd. south bay is wet all day. wettest of the bay area so, rain intensified in the east bay. it's tapering off a little bit. and so light to mod rit rainfall. and you can see rain shifting eastward towards tracy away from immediate inland east way. temperatures 57 in san francisco. down in redwood city, over half noon bay, cooler.
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temperatures into low 50s in livermore and antioch. to forecast features we'll continue to see rain tonight. south bay, east bay. and into the santda cruz mountains, sun here and there. cooler pattern this weekend. satellite shows low pressure system off shore dropping south ward with wrap around moisture around circulation bringing us scattered showers. showers tapering off. here comes a frontal system. that is our next chance of showers. showers and rain continuing overnight. into tomorrow morning. could be a wet commute tomorrow but later in the day, showers breaking up and tapering off just in time for arrival of the cold front. so we'll get dry jer cooler air behind it. rainfall totals saturday
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evening, 7:00. a quarter inch to three quarters in the south bay. meanwhile, in tahoe area, showers, a slight chance of showers tomorrow, greater chance saturday. cold air sunday, snow showers developing there on sunday. back to bay area tonight looking at lows into mid to upper 40s, mild overnight and showers. then, tomorrow, we'll see occasional showers, breaks of sunshine, high temperatures from upper 50s to just over 60 degrees and here is the accu-weather forecast. cooler conditions developing on saturday maybe a shower or two, a slight chance of showers. sunday, but then, we'll have dry weather next week. however, will be cool going into early next week. high temperatures into mid-50s and milder towards mid and end of next week. >> thank you. >> just ahead, why the wrecking ball could be coming down on the san francisco exhibition hall home to a variety of events every year.
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>> skpf a property about to get an
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>> some bay area political heavy weights broke ground on project that's will help some of the poorest residents. they picked up shovels to mark the beginning of construction. the complex will replace an older facility serving meals to the city poor for more than 60 years. it's expected to open in time for thanksgiving 2014. >> nice. >> one of the biggest exhib yit yigs halls is on the way to be torn down. it's a converted freight depot, hosting craft fairs and fashion shows.
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this afternoon, the commission approved a report that paves the way for ilt demolition it provides the only affordable space in the city for big festivals. and a lot of them it includes four six story building was almost 400 apartments and sfil has to be approved. >> it's the night local hockey fans have been waiting for. sharks taking to the tank. >> and... a programming note. actor matt damon on jimmy kimmel live tonight. at 11:35 here on abc 7 following abc 7 news at 11:00. following abc 7 news at 11:00. nighe w eltryeantryean ge, ,r-s
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ve s,rsclto, y reoun'p yean following abc 7 news at 11:00. nighe w eltryeantryean ge, ,r-s coming up at 6:00 high cost of super bowl celebrations. why the city isn't ready to commit to a victory parade.
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>> also, michael finney looks into whether some consumers are being misled about upgrades on their homes. >> and a company developing a process adding to explosion of smart phone apps. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> tonight is the night, sharks fans have been waiting for months for. the team gets back on the ice at the tank. >> san jose already 2-0 following the win in evanstown. >> that puck drops at 7:30 this evening. >> that is going to do it for us. >> this is "world news." tonight, nuclear threat. north korea plans missiles that can target the united states. can they reach america? what could the impact be?
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and how serious is the threat, from the mysterious dictator now in charge? fire and ice. as flames shoot in the air, firefighters struggle in the frigid temperatures. how many people are now shivering in the cold in this country? and how many new ways can they show us how cold it is? want a frozen egg? man or woman? listen to the phone calls that lured football star manti te'o. >> baby, i'm just calling to say good night. i love you. >> we'll tell you more about the man who allegedly tricked him for hour after hour. and, gold rush. you're swimming in the water, something glitters, and, oh my, it's gold! worth $50,000. how do you find it? good evening. as we come on the air, one of the most dangerous countri
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